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Welcome to #FlorentClothingStore. This store came about time provided by the corona virus. The confinement had made it easy to this transaction and it choices. The Goal is to serve my friends, families and the rest of the world to their houses, the system of the future, not having to go outside and fill full your needs to the best of my ability . Who's best to help a business than friends and family and the rest of the world . For that I appreciate your business. Ask questions for anything needed . We may not provide all the answers to your questions, but we will certainly do the best to provide the maximum. By the way my name is Florent Mbesse, The founder and owner of this eCommerce Store. I was born in Gabon Africa and transitioned to the US for studies and became a US citizens. Without a single knowledge of a word of English, the transition was made easy by hard work and dedication as the result here we are. We have a lot to know about each other as I do have an open door policy. You can reach me any time you wish. If not at the moment , leave a message with your name and contact , I will certainly return your call. or better off by an e mail message provided on the front page of this store. I love #TheFrootiLife

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